Red Cross Swim Kids Lessons

Registration for Spring 2017 starts Monday, March 20th!

Swim Kids 1-4 are $58.00 and Swim Kids 5-10 are $61.00 for 10 classes!

Starts: April 3rd 

Classes require a minimum of 3 swimmers to run. Any classes with less than 3 swimmers may be cancelled on the week before the start date of the program. Registration and class transfers ends on April 16th. There will be no lessons on April 14th, April 16th, April 17th, and May 22nd.

Please note that in order to register for the Red Cross Swim Kids program, children must be 5 years old on the first day of class. For children under the age of 5 please refer to our Red Cross Preschool program.

Swim Kids 1 - This first level introduces unassisted floats and glides. Endurance is built through a 5-metre swim.
Swim Kids 2 - Children are introduced to deep water activities. Endurance is a 10-metre swim.
Swim Kids 3 - Front crawl is introduced, and children swim unassisted in deep water. Distance swim is 15m.
Swim Kids 4 - Children work on kneeling dives and surface support. Distance swim is 25m.
Swim Kids 5 - Children are introduced to whip kick, back crawl, and dolphin kick. Distance swim is 50m.
Swim Kids 6- Elementary backstroke is introduced and participants learn how to use throwing assists. Distance swim is 75m.
Swim Kids 7 - Front scull and whip kick on the front is taught in this level. Distance swim is 150m.
Swim Kids 8 - Participants learn breaststroke, stride entries, and rescue breathing. Distance swim is 300m.
Swim Kids 9 - Participants work on refining their strokes. Side stroke kick is introduced. Distance swim is 400m.
Swim Kids 10- Sidestroke is taught. Distance swim is 500m.

Register for Spring 2017 Swim Lessons!

CLICK HERE to view the Spring 2017 Schedule - Lessons begin April 3rd!

Click here to view our Program & Facility policies.

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