Registration FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions for Program Registration

When does Registration for Programs open?
Registration opens between a month to a month and a half before programs start. We tend to wait closer to the end of the current session of swimming lessons so that parents know what level to place their child in.

Fall – Registration is around the middle of August.
Winter – Registration is around the middle of Decemberr.
Spring – Registration is around the middle of March.
Summer – Registration is around the beginning of June. Summer Camp registration starts one week after Spring Registration.

We always post in advance on our website and Facebook page what the Registration dates are.

What hours each day do you accept Registration?
We accept Registration Sunday to Friday 8:30am – 8:00pm and Saturdays 8:30am – 6:00pm with the exception of the first day of registration each session, we will start at 7:00am.

Can I register over the phone?
Yes, we accept phone in registration. Please phone 902-869-4141.

Do you have online Registration?
No, at this time we are not set up for online registration. It is something that we would love to be able to offer and hope to in the future.

What forms of Payment do you accept for Registration?
We accept cash, cheque, debit, Visa, and Mastercard.

When do I pay for my Program?
Payment for all programs is due at the time of registration.

Do you accept post-dated payments for Programs?
We do accept post-dated payments for programs and Summer Camps. Post-dated payments must be dated 10 days prior to the course beginning for registered programs (minus Pool Parties) and for Summer Camps we set a specific date in June for July parties and a specific date in July for August parties.

I am a Stadium Member; do I get discounts on Programs?
Yes, members do receive discounts on some of our programs. 

Can you hold a spot for me in a Program and I will pay later?
No, in order to register for a program, you MUST pay for the program at the time of registration.

What if a Program is full? Can I still register?
We have to set a maximum amount for each course based on the instructor to student ratio. If a program is full, we can add you to a waitlist. Please note that with any waitlist, a spot opening is not guaranteed.

Where can I see what Programs you are offering?
We list all programs on our website. We also publish a brochure each session that can be viewing on the website or a printed copy can be picked up at the Stadium.

What is your Refund Policy?
Please refer to our Policies and Procedures.

What happens if you cancel a program due to low registration?
We will notify you as soon as we cancel a program and will issue you a full refund for the course. If the fees were paid by credit card, a refund will appear on your credit card statement. If paid by cash, cheque, or debit card, a refund cheque will be mailed to the customer within two to four weeks.

I registered for a program and have attended 1 or more classes but I have decided it is not for me. Can I withdraw?
Please refer to our Policies and Procedures..

I registered for a course and now I need a new time, can I switch to a time that works better for me? OR Can I register for a course that has already started?
You are able to transfer to a different class for up to 3 weeks after the course begins. This is only if there is availability in the course you wish to transfer to. If the course you are transferring to costs more, you do need to pay the remaining amount and if it costs less we will refund you the amount left over. Anything $5.01 and more will be refunded and anything $5.00 and less will be left on the account in the form of a credit.

If I register for a course that has already started, do I still pay the full amount?
No, we will prorate the amount and you will not pay for missed classes due to your late registration.

Can I request who my instructor is for swim lessons?
No, we do not accept instructor requests for any programs. Scheduling for programs / classes is not done until closer to the date they begin. Due to staffing levels and program demands we cannot accommodate these requests.

Can I pick what time I have Private or Semi Private Lessons?
We have scheduled times for Private and Semi Private lessons just like regular lessons. We do not accept special time requests.

My child is not the age required for a program. Can I still register him / her?
No, we have age requirements in place due to the nature of the programs. If a child is approx. a week in the difference, it is all based on instructor approval.

When does registration open for Summer Camps?
Registration for Summer Camps opens up one week after Spring registration.

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