MyRide FAQ's

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I’m new to indoor cycling, what class should I start with?
Most of our classes are geared to all levels and abilities. You can adjust your bike resistance to your desired level as required. The Instructor will guide you through your ride but ultimately, you have the option of resting when needed. For all drop in classes, the instructor will be present 15 mins before class starts to assist you in bike set up and answer any questions you have.

What is the minimum age for Cycle Zone classes?
For all classes, unless otherwise specified, you must be 16 or older to attend. As our indoor cycling program grows, we hope to add some additional classes and programs aimed at teens and youth. The bikes are designed for adults and so this must be taken into account when creating programs and classes.

Can I drop in to any class?
No, some classes are drop in and some are registered programs. All registered programs require sign up in advance for a number of weeks. Drop in is not permitted to these programs.

The following classes are drop in: MyRide: 45, MyRide: 50, MyRide:55,  & MyRide:Disco

What is the difference between drop-in classes and registered programs?
Drop in classes will be fairly similar week to week in style and content, and will be focused on indoor cycling only. Spaces are limited and on a first come first served basis so arrive early to ensure you get a bike. All drop in classes are 45 - 55 minutes long.

Registered programs will run for a set number of weeks (usually around 8), you are guaranteed a bike and you will be with the same group of people each week. The registered programs are more specialised (but suitable for all levels)and may combine indoor cycling with other options such as yoga or strength training. They are usually limited to 10 people due to additional space required for exercises. They are usually 60 minutes in duration.

How do I sign up for classes?
For all drop in classes, it is first come, first served. All participants need to go to the main front desk (Aquatics entrance) on the day of class to sign up, pay the drop in fee (if applicable) and present your receipt to the instructor on arrival at the Cycle Zone. You can only sign up for drop in classes on the day of the class, no sooner. You must be present to sign up, you cannot sign up over the phone or internet, and you cannot sign up someone else who is not present, unless they are listed on your family account.

For registered programs, check the start date and sign up in advance for the series, usually 6-8 weeks. This will secure your spot for the duration. Registration may permitted after the start date but you may be required to pay the full course fee, missed classes are not credited. Drop in may be available for registered classes if space permits. Check with the Front Desk for more information.

If I’m running late, can my friend hold a bike for me?
No, in the interest of fairness, you are not permitted to reserve bikes for other people who are not there yet and you must have your receipt in hand to enter the Cycle Zone. All Cycle Zone drop in users must be present and have a receipt to secure a bike.

Will I lose my spot if I am late to a drop in class?
You need to be in class 5 minutes before the advertised start time. If you are not there and on your bike 5 minutes early, your spot will be given to standby participants. If you are late but there are no standbys, you may not be permitted to enter the studio as it is disruptive to the class and the instructor. Please aim to be in the studio 10-15 minutes early to allow ample time to set up your bike so you have a comfortable ride.

What should I wear?
Wear lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking athletic clothing for your comfort, you will be getting warm! Bike shorts are ideal as they are designed not to chafe or have seams digging in to you in the riding position. Padded bike shorts are a good idea to create more cushioning for you and you can also bring a gel seat cover to slip over the bike seat if you wish.  Loose, long pants are not recommended as they may get caught in the pedals. You may wish to bring a change of clothing for afterwards. Showers and lockers are available in the co-ed fitness centre. Please remember to avoid using scented products that many people are sensitive or allergic to.

For footwear, athletic footwear is suitable but stiffer soled cycling shoes (available in bike stores) are excellent. You can also wear cleats that clip in to the pedals for the ultimate pushing power, our Keiser M3 bikes are compatible with SPD shoes. Please ensure indoor shoes only are worn in the studio. This will protect the floor and the equipment.

Baseball Caps / headwear is not recommended as they can trap heat in the head and can lead to overheating in class.

What else should I bring?
Water! Hydration during class is crucial and water is not provided in the Cycle Zone in order to keep our environmental impact minimal. 2 bottles are recommended. Each bike is equipped with a water bottle holder similar to that on a real bike so look for bottles designed to fit bikes, they are usually narrower. If you forget your water, bottles can be purchased from vending machines around the Stadium or at Tan-Fit (when open). For those who sweat more or plan to work at a high intensity, you may wish to bring a sports drink to assist in rehydration.

2 hand towels are recommended. One can go over your handle bars to provide more traction or catch sweat and then the other for personal use. The Stadium does not provide towel service.

You may also wish to wear a headband to prevent sweat dripping in to your eyes as you lean forward.

I’m a member of the Stadium, what Cycle Zone classes are included in my membership?
All Lifestyle PLUS have the added benefit of having MyRide: 45 & MyRide: Disco classes included in their membership. Lifestyle Members will pay a discounted drop in price but have the option to upgrade to a PLUS membership or purchase a 10 punch pass (get the 11th class for FREE!)  Remember, everyone, including those with a PLUS membership must still get a receipt from the front desk before entering the studio.  Members also get a discount on registered Cycle Zone Programs.

What is the withdrawal policy for registered programs?
The Stadiums Refund Policy will apply to all registered programs. Refunds are not offered on any programs unless the program is cancelled by the Stadium. A non-refundable credit will be issued if at least 7 days advance notice is given prior to the start date of the program. Afterwards (e.g. less than 7 days before the program starts) no credits are issued unless in the event of a medical issue. A medical note is needed from the doctor and approval from the Stadium Manager is required. All non refundable credits must be used within 1 year.

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