MyRide Policies

To ensure a safe and fun environment we ask you adhere to the following MyRide Policies:

Riders are not permitted to remove bike seats or pedals and replace with their own. Padded bike shorts can be worn or bring your own gel seat to place on top of seat. Our bike pedals are suitable for regular athletic footwear (stiff-soled footwear is recommended) or shoes with cleats as the pedals also double as clipless pedals. Our Keiser bikes are SPD compatible.

It is strongly advised to bring sufficient water with you. In order to keep our environmental impact as low as possible, we recommend you bring a bottle that can be used on bikes, ie. narrower style so it fits in the holder. In the event you require more water or forget yours, there are vending machines throughout the building. Water can also be purchased from Tan-Fit.

Glass water bottles are not permitted. All drinks must be in a sealed water bottle. No food or drink, except water and sports drinks are permitted. Coffee/tea etc are NOT PERMITTED in the studio.

2 hand towels are recommended; 1 for the handlebars, and one for your personal comfort and use. Towels are not provided by the Stadium.

Avoid wearing scented products such as perfumes, hairsprays, etc. as many people are sensitive or allergic to them.

Latecomers may not be permitted to enter class as it is disruptive to other riders. Please alert your instructor if you intend to leave class early.

Drop in payment is taken at the front desk (Aquatics entrance). Instructors do not take payment. Please ensure you pay your fee BEFORE entering the studio and have your receipt ready for the instructor on arrival. PLUS Members attending a drop in class will also need to get a receipt from the front desk. We do not allow transferring of classes after you have signed up. If you cannot attend please let us know so we can re-sell your ticket. You are also not permitted to attend more than one class per day as demand is high.

Family members on the same account can now pick up drop-in tickets for each other. i.e. a wife can pick up a ticket for her and her husband, even if he is not there, or a daughter can get a ticket for her and her mother) They must be on the same account-NO EXCEPTIONS!This will apply to members and non-members alike.

Spots in drop in classes are issued on a first come, first served basis - you should arrive early to secure your spot. The Studio will open 15 minutes before the scheduled class time to allow you time to set up your bike. Bikes cannot be reserved for others. You must be present and  have paid your drop in fee to enter the Studio.

You need to be in class 5 minutes before the advertised start time. If you are not there and on your bike 5 minutes early, your spot will be given to standby participants. If you are late but there are no standbys, you may not be permitted to enter the studio as it is disruptive to the class and the instructor.

New Cycle Zone participants are encouraged to identify themselves to the instructor to ensure they are educated on proper bike set up.

Inform the instructor prior to class if you have any health conditions e.g. high blood pressure, heart problems etc.

Always go at your pace. Your indoor cycling classes are guided by the instructor but stay within your limits and rest when needed. If you feel unwell at any point, alert the instructor immediately.

Report any damaged or faulty equipment to instructor immediately.

Wiping down of bikes after class is MANDATORY. Please use cleaning supplies provided. For safety and hygiene reasons, use mops to wipe up sweat on floor or water spillages.

There are times when classes are scheduled back to back. Please exit the studio when class is finished so the next class can start on time.

Use of the Cycle Zone outside of scheduled class times is not permitted at ANY time.


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