Membership Terms & Conditions


I understand that the administration of the agreement for the Sackville Sports Stadium is conducted by Scotia Bank. The services provided by Scotia Bank are administrative to the status of membership and do not extend to the provision of any of the benefits of membership. No changes are to be made in billing without the express written consent of the Sackville Sports Stadium. The member may cancel this agreement after the initial membership term has been completed as outlined in the membership agreement. Proper cancellation notice must be given at least 30 days prior to the next monthly dues payment date.

Scotia Bank terms: I (we) authorize Scotia Bank to debit my (our) account on behalf of the payee as is indicated on the attached “void” cheque or credit card under the terms and conditions agreed to by me (us) with the payee until such time as written notice to the contrary is given. I (we) acknowledge the delivery of my(our) authorization to the payee constitutes delivery by me (us) to Scotia Bank at which I (we) maintain an account and that such financial institutions are not required to verify that the payments(s) are drawn in accordance with authorization.

Termination of this authorization does not terminate the agreement for goods and services exchanged. I (we) will notify the Sackville Sports Stadium in writing of any changes in the account information or termination of this authorization prior to the next pre-authorized debit. Items charged under any of the following conditions will be reimbursed subject to written notification by me (us) to the branch account within 90 days: a) I (we) have not provided authorization to the payee: b) The preauthorized debit was not drawn in accordance with my (our) authorization; c) My (our) authorization was revoked; d) The debit was posted to the wrong account due to invalid/incorrect account information supplied by the Sackville Sports Stadium. I (we) warrant that all persons whose signature(s) are required to sign on the account have signed this agreement.


The following as set forth are part of the Membership Agreement and Members are obligated to observe and comply with the same additional Fitness Centre rules and etiquette that may be posted at the Stadium and the member agrees to abide by such rules as part of this Agreement.


All members are required to show a valid membership card to the front desk attendant each and every time upon entrance to the facility without exception.


Persons may be required to provide proof of age. All buyers must be 19 years of age or older. If 18 years and under, a parent or legal guardian must co-sign the agreement.


We reserve the right to deny use of the club to any person whose attire we do not consider to be appropriate in connection with the public image of our facility and our rules and regulations. No profane language or slogans on any attire in the club is permitted. Athletic footwear must be worn in exercise areas at all times. NO STREET SHOES OR SANDALS ARE PERMITTED.


The member agrees to pay the Sackville Sports Stadium the sum of $10.00 as a fee chargeable in the event a membership card is replaced due to a loss, theft, damage, misplacement or name change.


Failure of member to use the Sackville Sports Stadium fitness facilities does not relieve the member/buyer of member’s/buyer’s obligation to make membership dues payments as outlined in the Membership Agreement.


The member/buyer acknowledges and agrees that the Sackville Sports Stadium has earned the membership fee and dues payments and that notwithstanding any voluntary withdrawal or proper cancellation, suspension of membership or the failure of the member to take advantage of the privileges of membership for any reason whatsoever, the member shall not be, at any time, entitled to a refund of all or any part of monies paid and shall remain liable for any part thereof not yet paid to date.


Notwithstanding the reference to any set membership dues herein, the Sackville Sports Stadium may not more than once in each calendar year of the membership, increase the amount of dues payable by any amount not in the excess of 10% of the rate previously applicable and the member agrees to pay such increases. If in any given year or years the Sackville Sports Stadium does not institute such an increase, the right to do so in a later year shall remain.


Sackville Sports Stadium membership(s) are non-transferrable.


Sackville Sports Stadium membership(s) are subject to an annual pre-authorization service fee that will be collected at the point of sale. This annual fee will be distributed in the monthly or bi-weekly payments thereafter to everyone who participates in a 1 year or 2 year pre-authorized payment program unless otherwise indicated


This Membership Agreement may be cancelled by giving 30 days written notice prior to the membership expiry date or thereafter, upon 30 days written notice. Should the member choose not to resign the membership at that time, the membership will continue monthly without notice- “Automatic Renewal”. Membership dues payments amount would remain the same unless with the discretion of the Sackville Sports Stadium, there is an increase of membership fees, based upon the optional yearly increase of a maximum of 10%. In the event the member wishes to cancel his or her membership after the Initial Term, as outlined in the membership agreement, he or she may do so by one of the following: a) Sending a registered letter to Sackville Sports Stadium, 409 Glendale Drive, Lower Sackville, NS B4C 2T6 outlining your intent to cancel. b) Cancelling in person by completing the Sackville Sports Stadium Resignation Request Form and management signs the form to authorize the cancellation. Membership cancellation requests will not be authorized if the member’s membership dues payment or any or all portions of their membership fee or dues are in arrears, or if the member has not fulfilled his or her Initial Term as outlined in the membership agreement. Cancellation requests received later than 30 days prior to the next monthly dues payment date will take effect the next calendar month. We do not accept cancellations by voice mail or e-mail. I understand my membership will renew automatically, on a monthly basis, upon the Initial Term completion.


All rules, regulations and privileges of membership, including but not restricted to membership dues, facilities, services and hours of operation are subject to change at any time, without notice, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Sackville Sports Stadium. Any such changes do not in any way affect the provisions of the membership agreement or release the member from any obligation hereunder. (Subject to reasonable changes without advance notice.)


I hereby release the Halifax Regional Municipality and the Sackville Sports Stadium, including their officers, employees, servants, representatives and independent contractors (collectively referred to as “HRM”) from any or all losses, damages, expenses, obligations, actions, or claims for any and all injuries, death, or damage to property, arising directly or indirectly, out of or in connection with, the use, inspection, maintenance, repair, operation, design, lighting, or otherwise, of any real property, personal property, equipment, chattel, pool, facility, or otherwise, whether provided by, owned, maintained, inspected, repaired, or otherwise, by HRM. Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, HRM shall not be liable for any error in judgment or as a result of the presence of snow, ice, water, hail, rain, gravel, potholes, poor lighting or by reason of the absence of salt, sand or ice or other weather control or removal measures. This release shall bind my heirs, executors, administrators, representatives and assigns. THE MEMBER HEREBY AGREES THAT HE OR SHE ASSUMES ALL RISKS IN HIS/HER USE OF THE PREMISES.

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