Facility & Ice Rentals

DO YOU KNOW YOUR HALIFAX REC ACCOUNT NUMBER? All rental inquires need one. Look yours up or create one at WWW.HALIFAX.CA/MYREC

One Time Room Rentals

Meeting Rooms, Studio, Training Zone, Rec Zone

To book a one time rental of a meeting room, studio, Training Zone or Rec Zone, please leave your Halifax REC Account Number (AAA######) and details at (902) 869-4141 ext 310.

Inquiries require the following information:

  • Your Halifax REC account number
  • Full Name
  • Email (spelled out)
  • Facility type and purpose of rental
  • Preferred date, time, and duration
  • Number of participants

Prices for room and studio rentals range between $20-$40 per hour plus HST.

Recurring Rentals

Ice, Training Zone, Rec Zone, Fieldhouse

All ice rentals and more than one time rentals of other facilities are handled by HRM Centralized Scheduling. For more information and the application form, please click here. You can also phone 311 for further assistance. 

Ice Rentals

All ice rental applications are handled by HRM Centralized Scheduling. Please click here for more information or phone 311.

Pool Rentals

For more information on pool rentals or to book the pool, please phone the Aquatic Specialist at 902-869-4141, ext. 307.

Pool Parties

Stop by our front desk or call 902-869-4141 ext. 301 for availability and to book over the phone. Please note that payment is required at the time of booking. Click here for more info on our pool parties.




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